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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A TBT Story

  I describe the progression of my life as being on the Ferris-Foreman scale.  Every year, I find myself just a little less like Ferris Bueller and a little more like Red Foreman.  Here's a little story from my "pre-progression" days.
  One of the highlights of the first half of every year was going to the Houston Rodeo with my family.  The first concert I can remember was when the Highwaymen played the Astrodome.  We would watch my aunt Catherine who competed in the barrrel race for much of my childhood, and we would always browse the vendors to see what people were coming up with.
  My favorite was the rattlesnake guy.  He was a taxidermist and would sell live-mounted rattlesnakes; many with their mouths fixed open in a pre-strike position.  I had to have one.  Eventually, I found one on clearance on account of an ink smudge on its eye bringing it down to $15 (barely into my price range).  I paid the man and took my new prize home, just in time for DARE week.
  For those of you who might not know, DARE is an organization dedicated to preventing drug use in school children.  Every year in our district, we would have DARE week, where each day was given a theme that excepted abnormal behavior.  One day was "wear your pajamas to school" day, and the like. 
  Had the good people at DARE met me beforehand, they might have thought twice about "bring a stuffed animal to school" day.  They hadn't. They did. I did.  This was the first and only time in my life that I had seen a lunch lady sprint.  It was the first and only time that I had ever been slapped by a lunch lady (no, not the same one).  By the time it was all said and done, the consequence was a few defeated looks from the school officials and a visit from the yearbook class photographers.  It just goes to show that a young man can respect others and their property, and still raise a little hell.